VCS Fish Fest 2016

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who sold raffle tickets at the 2016 Vermilion Fish Festival to keep our wheels rolling!


Drawing the winning tickets for the 2016 Fish Festival Raffles!   Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets and to those who donated raffle items!  You are appreciated!f


Vermilion Share-a-Ride has a new bus! Thanks to the collaborative efforts of several organizations, Vermilion Share-a-Ride has a new bus complete with equipment needed to serve our seniors and disabled neighbors. The but is provided by ODOT with local organizations funding 20% of the cost of the bus. Share-A-Ride collaborators, Sandusky Transit System, the City of Vermilion, Erie County Serving our Seniors, Vermilion Community Services and the Erie County Community Foundation. Funds were provided by the Erie County Community Foundation and Erie County Serving our Seniors.

Look for the bus as it travels around Vermilion. For more information on the Share-a-Ride program, click here.

To donate to the Share-a-Ride program click here.